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Welcome to Body Bites With Bec, a podcast designed for health conscious women who try it all, yet feel stuck in their attempts to reach (and maintain) their balanced weight and thrive at their optimal potential. Bec Miller, qualified Nutritionist, helps you uncover all of the different pieces of the puzzle to weight loss, energy, gut health, motivation and more so that you can quit the yo-yo dieting, find your balance and feel the way that you truly deserve.

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Feb 9, 2021

Did you know that I don’t teach (most of) what I learnt at university? Translation - I don’t follow the government set, Australian Guide to Healthy Eating. I believe so much of it is actually harming our health. My guest today, Liv Kaplan, agrees. Liv discusses how her lower carb approach to eating has transformed her mental health and how she teaches others to do the same.


We discuss:

  • Why Liv doesn’t teach the government set Australian Guide to Healthy Eating guidelines (like me) even though that’s what we were taught at University
  • How lower carb diets can affect your mental health and motivation for healthy eating
  • Some of the most common “health foods” that have hidden sugars and carbs
  • Some of the biggest myths that exist in the diet world that are harming our health
  • Why the “gold standard” scientific studies actually aren’t always the best to determine individuals food intake and choices
  • Liv’s top wellness tips and actions that she swears by (that are FREE)



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