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Welcome to Body Bites With Bec, a podcast designed for health conscious women who try it all, yet feel stuck in their attempts to reach (and maintain) their balanced weight and thrive at their optimal potential. Bec Miller, qualified Nutritionist, helps you uncover all of the different pieces of the puzzle to weight loss, energy, gut health, motivation and more so that you can quit the yo-yo dieting, find your balance and feel the way that you truly deserve.

Bec is also the founder of Health With Bec and you can find her on instagram for lots more inspiration at @health_with_bec

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Jul 10, 2024

Weight loss isn't as simple as cutting your calories and exercising more. There is SO much more to consider! Here, I share 6 things to keep in mind and always remember that can dramatically hinder your weight loss efforts if you forget to implement them!


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Start your weight loss, gut healing...

Jul 2, 2024

Have sugar cravings at night time that you can't kick?

Those after dinner sweets can really wreck havock on your progress if you are committed to reaching and maintaining your healthy weight.

This episode will provide you with lots of ideas to help!


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Jun 25, 2024

Another huge dose of mindset and motivation in this episode for you!

Because… without the mindset, the actions that you need to take consistently to get you to where you want to be is pretty damn hard.

Mindset first, actions second.

This episode brings you 3 of my most effective, actionable things that you can do to...

Jun 19, 2024

After just returning from a quick holiday in Bali, so many of you were curious about how I eat when I’m there. And, how I prevent that ‘all or nothing’ mentality that I used to absolutely experience for years until I found my balance.

Because I went to Bali twice last year (in 2023) and recorded a podcast allll...

Jun 11, 2024

In this episode, I have Elisha Casagrande join me to talk very openly and vulnerably about her alcohol reduction journey after the diagnosis of her husbands cancer.


Elisha is a PT and Health & Style Coach who loves empowering women to look as good as they feel. She has also recently joined my team, after being been a...