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Welcome to Body Bites With Bec, a podcast designed for health conscious women who try it all, yet feel stuck in their attempts to reach (and maintain) their balanced weight and thrive at their optimal potential. Bec Miller, qualified Nutritionist, helps you uncover all of the different pieces of the puzzle to weight loss, energy, gut health, motivation and more so that you can quit the yo-yo dieting, find your balance and feel the way that you truly deserve.

Bec is also the founder of Health With Bec and you can find her on instagram for lots more inspiration at @health_with_bec

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Oct 25, 2022

Personal update from the last 8 or so days in Italy (what you don’t see on instagram). Followed by my 9 best tips to help you prevent and manage the sweet cravings that hit at night time and in the arvo!


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Oct 18, 2022

Can’t seem to stick with your calorie cutting attempts for more than a few days?

Constantly thinking about and craving food every time you try?

This episode is for you. I uncover one thing that you could be getting wrong and how to get it under control so that you can finally achieve long term weight loss success and...

Oct 11, 2022

I just arrived in Italy! Here's an update on my first 24 hours, how I managed to fly first class advice / a hack surrounding points), some dating updates, a personal note and message surrounding travelling alone and taking risks and my best 7 anti-bloat tips!



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Oct 7, 2022

Soooo, today I have just turned the big 30 😱

Whilst it definitely feels a bit funny to be out of my 20s, I learnt a heck of a lot in that decade and I would love to share my best lessons with you as a bonus episode on Body Bites with Bec and on the blog.

I had a really good think about the things that I've learnt...

Oct 5, 2022

What a bloody shock & a low few days I had last week… wow.


Just after I released the podcast last week about my skin being clear of acne for 1.5 years - I broke out all over my chin on that EXACT same day.


How ironic is that?


I can’t believe it.


It was also accompanied by:

  • Anxiety
  • Low moods
  • A WHOLE LOT of...