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Welcome to Body Bites With Bec, a podcast designed for health conscious women who try it all, yet feel stuck in their attempts to reach (and maintain) their balanced weight and thrive at their optimal potential. Bec Miller, qualified Nutritionist, helps you uncover all of the different pieces of the puzzle to weight loss, energy, gut health, motivation and more so that you can quit the yo-yo dieting, find your balance and feel the way that you truly deserve.

Bec is also the founder of Health With Bec and you can find her on instagram for lots more inspiration at @health_with_bec

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Aug 30, 2022

Do you sometimes feel out of control around food?

Do you wake up wanting a healthy, lower calorie day ahead for yourself but can’t seem to stop eating as the day goes on?

Do you sometimes pick all day?

OR do you FEEL like you eat really well, but you can’t seem to lose weight?

This podcast is for you

I uncover one...

Aug 24, 2022

We’re all told that self care is important.

And, whilst I TOTALLY agree and have built it into my life every single day, where do you draw the line between pushing yourself or resting on those ‘bleh’ kind of days?

If we all stepped back to rest whenever life got tough or whenever we just ‘didn’t feel like...

Aug 16, 2022

Amy reached her goal weight for her 40th birthday and has kept it off ever since - keeping up with her new-found lifestyle for 6 months. 

She said her biggest motivator to continue and never stop was her 9 year old daughter - who said she could notice the change in happiness from her Mum when she ate like this.


Aug 9, 2022

Today, a very important conversation was sparked by a troll who shared my instagram profile, downing me to their +100 k followers.

I’m grateful that it happened actually because it inspired me to create this conversation today surrounding WHO to trust on instagram and how to know who to trust in this saturated world...

Aug 2, 2022

These 3 weight loss myths are such common beliefs that need to be de-bunked!

And, I want to share an exciting announcement with you, along with a giveaway for you to enter in celebration!


Giveaway entry details:

Prize: My 3 Week Body Reset Program + 6 Months in the Health with Bec Tribe (Or, 1 year in the Health with...